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  • that was awesome lol
    For still frame photograph of me reading the DeRozan thread please refer to my avatar


    • slaw wrote: View Post
      Sorry, I don't care what Wins Produced indicates, I don't see Fields as any sort of upgrade over what was there.
      Fair enough, can you fill me in on your methodolology?

      Also, Lowry may not be a significant upgrade over Calderon indivudually, but probably fits a Casey team much better.


      • ebrian wrote: View Post
        Yes, 3 teams are worse, but not all 3 teams are worse than the Raptors. And 2 teams that weren't playoff teams got better. Brooklyn being the obvious one, and I think Milwaukee has a real shot at the playoffs. They practically got Dalembert for free, Ilyasova is getting better, scoring from Ellis and Jennings, and have some quality young big men in Udoh and Henson. The Hawks are definitely worse, but I think they're still better than us at this point.

        Orlando -- either they fail to trade Dwight and they're still a playoff team (though a poor one, and fights Atlanta for that final spot), or Orlando takes back nothing then we'll be watching for who becomes that lucky 3rd team involved. The teams I think who will be absolutely worse than us are: Philly, Charlotte, Detroit.

        Teams that I feel are definitely better than us: Miami, Boston, Indiana, Chicago, Brooklyn, New York, Milwaukee, Atlanta. That's 8 teams, 8 playoff spots.

        Teams on the bubble: Washington, Cleveland, Orlando and us. Cleveland has been rumored as the 3rd team to help broker the Dwight Howard deal, so if that happens at some point either in the next few weeks or during the season, then Cleveland has a chance to make big strides depending on who they end up with (Bynum, for example, would vault them into playoff contention). I agree that Washington on paper are similar to us, except they have more veteran experience. I could see them knocking off Atlanta if they can pull it all together.
        Brooklyn is not that much better than us and i think they'll be fighting for the 8th spot too. Who did they really add besides Joe Johnson(who is starting to decline). We should be whooping their ass's, Lowry will be all up in D Will's face


        • theycallmeZZ wrote: View Post

          Pumping me up for next season
          That made me so hyped