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2012-2013 Season Tickets, any one want to split?

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  • 2012-2013 Season Tickets, any one want to split?

    Hey fellow Raptor nerds...we are, c'mon, who we kidding?

    I was just scoping the price on the Raps website, and I wouldn't mind grab a couple of seasons maybe 2 to 4 seats, but I'm finding the price a lot higher than I remember. I'd really like to catch a bunch of games, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in splitting on a some season tix.

    My proposal is this, if anyone is interested, either let me know on this board, or send me a private message. If we get a group together who are all willing then I say we pick a time to meet at the ACC to pick them up, you bring cash, I'll bring credit card...or vice versa, I don't care...whatever pays for the tix haha. We split them then and there, et voila. Obviously there are some games people will want to see more than others, but we'll sort out a fairness (but I get OKC hahahaha).

    As for price, I'd like to keep em' cheap, I remember one year I got 3rd row Sprite zone and they were excellent. I'm thinking something like that.

    Anyways, let me know and let's make it happen. BTW, just thinking about the season gets me pumped up. Ahhh $50 beers and too many 50/50 tickets that I'll never win hahahah, tradition! it's a website...about, you

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    I have me and another friend..was just wondering what price range you had in can have OKC if I can have Lakers lol


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      I would also be interested in splitting 2 season tickets preferably in the upper bowl


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        Ok gents, sounds like we have similar interests! Why don't you guys send me a private message and we'll move this over to e-mails. I'm good with 2 seats in the upper bowl, with the 3 of us, maybe we could even look into getting tickets in the lower half of the upper bowl...cost permitting. Cool? it's a website...about, you


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          I have a pair in Section 306 Row 5

          I split with a friend, I'd be willing to give up a quarter if you like.

          10 regular season + 1 preseason runs $570.00 (straight cost)

          Going to try and upgrade my seats today, maybe move up a row or 2, but I plan to stay within the same price point.
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            I sent you a PM
   it's a website...about, you


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              Hi, I've got tickets available as well if anybody is looking.

              Section 308, row 1, aisle, facing the visitors' bench. It's right by the exit. Great value for outstanding location. First seats beside centre section.

              Face value ranges from $46 to $96 but for us, it'll be $42 a ticket no matter the game. That's my cost.

              15 pairs of tickets for 15 games for $1,260.

              We hold a draft for tickets in October. We have first rights to buy playoff tickets (don't laugh!!)

              Email me for more details.


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                Schedule out with both Heat and Bulls in town twice.


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                  keepingthefaith wrote: View Post
                  Schedule out with both Heat and Bulls in town twice.


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                    Hey i'm looking to share some of my up coming seasons, at cost price only. Section 118 Row 24 Seats 19 20 if your interested


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                      New season sports fan

                      Hey i'm looking to share my season tickets 2013/2014 section 118, row 24, seats 19 20. at cost will include ACC club access no charge.


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                        I know it's a long shot buttttttt those saying they are looking to sell tickets for cost -- anyone willing to part with season openers?


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                          Only a couple of weeks until the ball drops,going to part with one of he miami games is anyone interested.