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    Tesla wrote: View Post
    Just realized, what happened to the Huskies jerseys? According to that source you listed, all new alternate jerseys must be worn for at least 2 years. That can't be true since we only wore those jerseys in the 09-10 season for about 6 games. There still might be a chance to forever rid those abominations.

    Or it might just be one of the new additions from the CBA.
    I'm not 100% it's a rule, I'm just going by what the Raptors' PR guy tweeted. I also would have guessed that those Husky jerseys were worn a few games for a couple seasons, but my fashion recall isn't all that accurate. I have no idea where that sort of info would be available, maybe the NBA site? Or possibly ask the NBA folks or Raptors PR folks on Twitter?