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    Remember, all I asked was whether he was worth an invite, nothing guaranteed. He was never going to live up to being a top pick, but he has the potential to fill a role as a shooter deep off the bench. Plus, the stashe.


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      Do I wish the best for him? Yes.
      Should we offer him a spot? No.
      It's just a question of what we need. We don't need Adam Morrison.


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        Lets face it Morrison's knee problems have ruined his career so far. I'm hearing that his knee's look good in Las Vegas though. This guy can sling it as good as Steph Curry, its just a matter of having his knees. I would roll the dice on him for sure, why not? I think he could be a slayer in TO and if he stepped it up somewhat, the fans would absolutely love him. If you deny this then your just looking for attention he fits the TO fan mould for sure.


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          I said no in the beginning, but after a thread I saw of him - I believe it was Joey_Hesketh who was the original poster - he seems to have passion and wants to get better at the game.

          His story his intriguing, and I have to admit, he was really good in Vegas/Orlando.

          If it's for a minimum contract, than I'll say maybe. I mean we do need shooters, and we need guys to fill up the bench..


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            Pretty sure the Clippers are signing him, so this thread is moot.
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