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Devlin calls CFL now!?

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    Pill wrote: View Post
    The only raptors announcing crew member I have ever liked is Jack Armstrong. He has his cheesy bits but I like his floor game.
    My dream team is Jack Armstrong and John Saunders.

    and Tim Micallef or TBJ in the studio.


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      My Dream team is Jack Armstrong and Kevin Colabro. That is a dynamic duo


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        LBF wrote: View Post
        You can't compare college to the major leagues. That's like comparing the minors to the majors.

        The CFL and NFL are both pro leagues.

        There is an equal amount of difficulty to both leagues and the more and more I try to find reasons for the NFL being better than the CFL, I can't.

        At least, as far as on-field product goes.

        It's like the euros and NBA. The KHL and NHL. Even the best athletes need time to adapt because of the different rules and such.

        To me the only difference on-field to do with players between cfl and nfl. Is that the CFL players are smaller or averaged size.
        While I respect football I'm not a fan. THe NFL does a great job of selling to a rabid fan base but their athletes are the true thugs of pro sports (never could figure out hoe NBA players got that rap) and the sport is so morally bankrupt that I find no joy in it anymore. There are serious on and off court issues plaguing both the CFL and NFL that they keep trying to hide and the fanbase willfully looks the other way. I like the NFL more, I suppose because they manage to have a league with more than 8 teams, none of which have the same name, and not everyone makes the playoffs. The rahrahrah flag waving and over the top "patriotism" really grosses me out though.

        Always loved the bit from GTAIII on the call in radio show: "Football teaches you real American values. Like taking other peoples land by force. And wearing tight pants while you do it."

        Anyhow, the CFL is still a joke league to many people across our fair land. I grew up in Montreal without the Als, and NO ONE gave a shit about FB, CFL or NFL. Now the 514 boasts some great fans but it's still very niche and appeals (mostly) to young anglos. Yes, it's terrible here in TO admittedly and my Buddy from the Sask and his parents are religious about it but it still a Division 2 league.
        LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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          All that being said, Screw Matt Devlin. Get him outta here! Sick, sick sick of him. I'd rather listen to Kardi call the games.

          "Oooo sick wit it brah, CLACK CLACK RELOAD! BRRRRAPPPP!!! You see that? My Man is engaging in some serious Ol' Time killin, seen!"
          LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!