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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I'd love to read that interview.

    I could be wrong but I don't think he is the type to not give 100%. I think there is too much competitiveness for him to not give his all - whether for Lithuania or in the NBA. This was what was implied, by my interpretation, of the message on the home page of under Hot Topics.

    My point is the guy has never played healthy for Toronto outside of a couple of exhibition games 2 years ago. It is tough to criticize him on his Raptor performance when he has not played for the Raptors healthy.

    The Kleiza Craptor Sandwich is hardly his fault but for anyone interested in the recipe, here it is:

    Take a slice of really good international play,
    smear a microfracture portion of Craptor performance all over it,
    Put another slice of really good international play over it.

    **Disclaimer: Huge Kleiza fan**
    Matt, this is the interview (2011.12.02)
    It's in Lithuanian though but nowadays it's not a big problem.
    Official Pope of the Raptors sponsored by MLSE.


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      RandomGuy wrote: View Post
      Matt, this is the interview (2011.12.02)
      It's in Lithuanian though but nowadays it's not a big problem.
      Thank you!


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        Mess wrote: View Post
        I don't think Dwayne Casey cares for one second how much each Raptor is earning. At least, I sincerely hope he doesn't.
        And IFF he did before -after the improvements he made on D last year, Casey has BC full support.
        Also, last year's team had no bench due to injuries. Few remaining healthy guys (and a lot of D leaguers) played no matter what. That will not be the case as there is a lot of depth on this year's team.


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          Mindlessness wrote: View Post
          Yeah he played 7 more minutes a game.

          If we make Leonard play the exact same amount of minutes......
          10.2PPG 0.5BPG 1.7SPG 1.4APG 6.6RPG

          Compare that to Landry
          10.2PPG 0.5BPG 1.7SPG 1.4APG 6.6RPG: Leonard
          9.7PPG 0.2BPG 1.0SPG 2.6APG 6.5RPG: Fields

          Fields only wins in one category and that is assists.

          As well, Leonard's potential is that of Gerald Wallace. And he's expected to be that and our GM COLANGELO is walking around saying fields is Shane Battier well, you could guess who's better already.

          Leonard is also a good creator so really that assists thing doesn't really say it all
          Leonard cost SA a solid PG (Hill), Fields costs Raps just $$$.