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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

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    I actually dont think its a problem, the advantages of it is, you have enough good players that a trade or sign and trade could be approved by the other team considering they'll be taking back good players, OR, you build a solid team enough that a franchise player may think he is the missing link and could sign for much cheaper than what his value is.

    Apart from Howard, who, craves the spotlight, franchise players nowadays seem like they want to come into an environment where there are enough good players that he can play with, rather than be the MAN and be the only superstar on the team.
    I partially agree with this but in reality even if we won 50 games this season, Chris Paul nor Dwight Howard would still look our way. They want to play with their friends. The chicken or egg question has to be applied to us specifically and not in general terms which would apply to all NBA teams. It's been well documented that the Toronto Raptors have a difficult time signing American players and tend to have to over pay and while some of that has to do with being a crappy team a lot also has to do with location. Think about it. The only two franchise players in this teams entire history were VC and Bosh (if you consider Bosh a franchise player) whom were bothdrafter. Why is that?

    Especially in this current era where teams will give anyone a max contract players have a tonne of options and all the power.