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The lingering question... Which PF goes?

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    Nilanka wrote: View Post
    And his lack of strength in the post.

    Amir can at least play 5 in stretches (he's a far better option than Gray, IMO - with the exception of a select few heavyweight match-ups). Can't say the same for Ed.
    ED can obviously hit the weight room and get stronger...and AB can also play 5 in stretches, but what difference does that make?


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      Amir's contract makes it so that there won't be a huge market for him unless the Raptors are willing to take on an undesirable contract in return. At that point, I feel like he would have more value for the Raptors in their line up compared to what they would fetch for him in a trade.

      To be perfectly honest however, I don't see a huge market for Ed Davis either. He was expected to build on a solid rookie season but instead regressed in virtually every statistical measure possible despite not having the injury excuse he was able to rely on during his first season. Maybe it clicks for him this year since he'll actually get to attend a real training camp but I think people are underservedly a little too high on his potential right now.