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  • Donte Green?

    What do people think of this guy? He is 6-11 SF.. UFA he's only 24 to.. He can shoot, and he killed it for Syracuse.

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    Roster is full. No point thinking about getting him. Anyways, he's not that good. Any highlight video can make a player seem absolutely amazing, but stats don't lie. If we got him (Somehow), he's gonna be nothing but a 3rd string SF behind Kleiza and Fields. Not to mention that we already have a 3rd string SF in Alan Anderson...


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      I say no thanks, he is not better than James Johnson and we shipped his ass out. He does not really bring anything to the floor other than a little bit of shooting, he would never get minutes over Linas or Landry.
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        I beleived he recently injured himself ... busted up his ankle I beleive.


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          no thank you.

          a guy with potential who has done little to nothing on arguably a worse team than TO. is he better than LK or LF? will he accept a 3rd string role like AA?

          plus he accepted a camp invite to NJ I believe.