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strengthen the Buffalo-Toronto BASKETBALL gateway

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  • strengthen the Buffalo-Toronto BASKETBALL gateway

    Raptors need to recruit players based closer to home and this doesnt have to be just within Canada. ofcourse the quality of players has to be good. If Canada Basketball lead by NASH can establish a grassroots program producing decent ball players surely it will benefit the Raptors when recruiting FA or whatnot.

    Raptors need to establish strong bases in Buffalo and/or Detroit/ Windsor region although the Pistons may not like that. Those American programs are already top notch and we can benefit from establishing bases in USA border towns etc. If we have hard time attracting NBA FA...we need to build from bottom within and up. these near home players would be easier (No guarantees) to attract than those "its to cold here" player etc.

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    I agree with the point that we need strong scouting and recruiting of young talent. But with the ease of travel and speed of information in 2012, limiting yourself by geography is foolhardy. We aren't going to get any competitive advantage by focusing on Canada and the southern Ontario region. It's true that Canadian taxes, guys not wanting their kids to go to Canadian schools, and the cold weather are burdensome in the FA market, but we aren't going to overcome those by recruiting guys from Vancouver or Buffalo. The only way to overcome it is to build a winner with leadership that is charasmatic, inspirational, trustworthy and hard working. When players leave, they always say the same thing, "Terrific city, horrible managment." We don't solve that problem with geography.


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      i wouldn't mind them taking a flier on a dude that comes from nearby in the late second round or something but it should always be BPA regardless of where they're from


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        Players from the Buffalo area that come to mind are Johnny Flynn (Niagra Falls), Ike Diogu, and Lazar Hayward. Jimmer Fredette is from Glens Falls which is way over by the Vermont border.


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          2 cents = I agree with the OP. It does no harm. We're only talking recruiting, so the more fans we can get for the team the better. Just imagine if Tracy had stayed...