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    I guess fans are in the business of trying to encourage executives of their favourite sports teams to spill their guts about the organizations hope, fears, aspirations and actual staff generated predictions. In addition they want detailed projections of exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of their roster.

    Whereas sports teams executives are in the business of business.


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      Didn't listen to the interview, but this seems pretty standard for what 590's audience would be expecting. General "state of the team" stuff for the average sports fan. I think his reponses break down into 2 categories

      1) Legit reasons for optimism + legit reasons to regulate expectations
      • This year is much more stable in comparison to last season. Last season was more of a culture shift; whereas the ‘plan’ has accelerated significantly this season.
      • BC is really excited about the newcomers, in particular Kyle Lowry, who is ‘tough as nails’.
      • Valancuinas will not be a go-to guy nor a back-to-the-basket player right away. But he’s a fighter. JV will bring great energy and hustle; and he’s tremendous at running the floor on both ends. He’ll have an impact both defensively and offensively.
      • Colangelo has never been as confident in a coach as he is now in Dwane Casey.
      • Andrea will never be a great rebounder
      I'm pretty much on board with all of that.

      2) BS that BC is hoping for or at least hoping we buy.
      • There’s been a power-shift in the East. Teams like Atlanta, Boston, and Orlando seem to be in decline; whereas there a few teams on the rise. Colangelo feels that Toronto is one of those teams on the rise.
      • This upcoming season reminds BC of his first season with the Raptors – a chance to revamp the team and make some noise.
      • Regarding the organization: “It is one of the best run sports organiziations that I’ve been exposed to”
      • DeMar is much bigger and stronger this year. The goal for him will be getting to the basket much more. Colangelo commented that DeRozan will never be a ‘great 3-point shooter’, but that he will be mostly working on attached the rim to get his points, as well as improving his rebounding and defense.
      • Kyle Lowry will make DeMar DeRozan better.
      The "power shift" thing is a crock because: The top teams will remain to be Boston, Chicago, Miami and likely Indiana. Philly and Milly and Hot Lanta will hover around; Brooklyn & New York should be better than all of them. Orlando will fall off the table. Detroit, Charlotte, and Washington will continue to suck. We're all hoping we can jump up to the PHI/MIL/ATL group, or at least hoping we won't continue to be in the DET/CHA/WSH group. There is no power shift. That is something BC made up for some reason that makes sense to him and the Raps PR team.

      Linking this season to his first is fluff. "Hey, remember that one time when things were good? That might happen again! I swear!"

      The stuff about Demar is wishful thinking, pure and simple. Demar looked like a lottery misfire last year, but it sure would help if he and/or ED took a step forward.

      I thought it made sense when he talked about how Landry blows him every night as an unwritten stipulation in his contract. That really cleared up the signing, IMO.
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