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Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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what is DeMar worth?

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    3 risks to whatever Demar's contract will be:

    1) can he do more than he has to date? ie. improve his efficiency, rebound, defend, pass, handle the ball. To me thats a tall task. Doing a few of these things is possible, but all of them is unlikely.

    2) whats the impact of this being a contract year? Players having their best seasons during their contract year is not a rare occurence. This adds a bit of additional risk to waiting on the contract

    3) cost of RFA. Its already been talked about before about the added cost of signing a RFA - that same cost applies to the team trying to resign their own player (ie. other teams try to 'over pay' to take a player away from a team, that same team would therefore need to match that overpayment).

    What I'd like to see is a Landry Fields like deal - 3 years 6 million - at the top end. If thats turned down (and I'd be willing to bet Demar's agent would laugh at that deal), either look to trade him or then wait out the season and still not pay more (unless he has a blow me away season).


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      I see many feel that "he is what he will be", but everybody knew he was raw, athletic potential when he was drafted. To put his age into perspective, he's pretty much the exact age Brandon Roy was when he came into the league. I'm not trying to compare him to Roy at this stage, but to point out that he's still very young to be determining what his future value is. I suspect the "talks" between BC and his agent, until the extension deadline, aren't going to go further than BC saying he'll extend him at low $, if they insist, but let's wait and see how he progresses this year.

      This may well be a make or break year for DD. This coaching staff, and Mckecknie, couldn't work with him last summer, but had last season to at least evaluate him. With plenty of time to work with him this summer, work with the Selects team to highlight (to him) what he needs to work on, a full training camp, and quite possibly a better fit in teammates and offensive style, he could prove a lot of doubters wrong this year,,,,,, or bust. I'm of a wait and see attitude before trying to evaluate his future value.


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        im with tkfu.


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          i think with a better team this season he'll make a big leap. Playing in the backcourt with lowry will really up his game because lowry likes to push the ball and play fast.


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            NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
            i think with a better team this season he'll make a big leap. Playing in the backcourt with lowry will really up his game because lowry likes to push the ball and play fast.
            See that's not him upping his game...that is his game being upped by favourable circumstances. Then Lowry gets hurt and Demar goes back to being Demar. Everyone hope Demar actually ups his game by improving in the areas where he needs improvement.


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              I say let the market dictate his value--unless he challenges for an all star spot I don't think anyone offers a Nic Batum like deal, not when teams can throw that kind of money at a proven commodity like James Harden (providing he's not extended by the 31st).