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I'm calling it now: sometime before the trade deadline, Jose's ending up in Dallas

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    Nilanka wrote: View Post
    This reasoning implies that the only way to be better than DeRozan is to be an all-star. I don't agree with it. DeRozan has a LONG way to go before reaching all-star consideration. In other words, it's easy to be better than DeRozan without being an all-star.

    Mayo has better handles, has a better mid range, and 3pt game, and is a better passer. They're both poor rebounders and defenders. DeRozan happens to get to the line more often, but when it comes to fundamental shooting guard skills, there's no question that Mayo is better equipped.
    I'm a HUGE Derozan homer, but even I can admit that overall, OJ Mayo is far more skilled than Derozan is. BUT, Derozan does have the better potential.


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      NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
      Yea thats all great. But even with all those so called advantages, mayo hasn't shown shit. DeRozan as of right now is looking better than mayo. And its not because i'm a homer, i just haven't seen anything special from Mayo outside of his "better shooting." DeRozan is better at slashing, getting to the line, better post game, and probably better work ethic. If mayo truly wanted to be good and he put in the work he could be an all star.
      What has DeRozan shown other than a few extra points per game? DeRozan takes more shots. The slashing is nice, but I'm willing to bet Mayo has a better year than DeRozan.

      Having played with Gay, Randolph and Gasol, Mayo never got the force fed minutes and shots that DeRozan was gifted.


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        tkfu wrote: View Post

        Delonte West just got suspended for 'conduct detrimental to the team', reportedly due to a locker room blowup over nothing after a preseason game, which probably means his bipolar disorder is acting up again. Dallas is gonna want some extra stability at the PG position, because West was basically their only backup (Beaubois is more of an off guard), and Collison is even less of a starting-caliber NBA PG than Jose is.

        Only problem is that Dallas doesn't have $10 mil in salary that they can send back that the raps would actually want, so a 3rd team would probably have to get involved. So I don't have a good suggestion of how exactly this ends up going down.

        Good post I think he would be a good fit there but again it is the issue of what to get back (salary implications).

        I think BC is more scared of letting him go for nothing or next to nothing and then he brings value to another team. They are playing defence on the Calderon final move.

        My opinion is Calderon + (for example) Fields for salary dump on big SF contract of team going nowhere.

        Tayshaun Prince - if Detroit flops
        Loel Deng - if Chicago flops
        "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"


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          Trade imminent?

          Lucas and Calderon in particular have worked well together. Lucas, who seems to be akin to a T.J. Ford reincarnate with more of a scoring mentality and a better jump shot, is the primary ball handler in this situation. Like Lowry, Lucas also pushes the ball on the dribble and with the pass. Calderon then becomes the shooting guard and while reluctant to pull the trigger at times, this role is more clearly defined for him -- shoot when you get a good look. Looking ahead to when Casey implements his zone defence, don't be surprised to see him go with two smaller guards instead of worrying about the man-to-man matchups with bigger guards. Toronto fans should get a good look at this combination because a trade for Calderon and his expiring contract appears to be imminent.
          Paul Jones

          Any rumours out there?


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            Katman wrote: View Post
            Paul Jones

            Any rumours out there?
            Good article from Jonesy


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              Shoot, I just realized I probably passed the 1000 post mark yesterday or this morning and didn't even notice. I was going to do something goofy. Like start a trade thread that exchanges 5 Raptors players for five others and involves three teams. :-)

              Oh well. Do something special for post #10,000 I guess.


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                Puffer wrote: View Post
                Like start a trade thread that exchanges 5 Raptors players for five others and involves three teams. :-)
                Why wait for a special occasion?? We can never have enough of those threads... (apparently).