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    Bendit wrote: View Post
    Isnt that Lowry deal for a lottery pick in any of the next 5 years at Houston's discretion...and if the Raptors either keeping making the playoffs or the Rockets pass on a high lottery pick (hoping to get a low one in a subsequent year)....for the 5 years, Houston gets nothing? Well only Gary Forbes.

    If this were correct, the Raps should just keep making the playoffs.
    As Matt's post explains, Toronto will giveup a 1st round pick to Houston eventually, between 2013 & 2018. The one benefit of giving up the pick sooner (ie: #10-14 pick in 2013 if the Raps barely miss the playoffs), is that it eliminates the uncertainty around the pick and frees up 'future 1st round pick' to be used in potential trades. That enables the Raptors to giveup a pick as low as possible (and 2013 is allegedly a weak draft) to Houston, while starting to use 1st rounds picks (both to draft players and as trade chips as early as 2015) again as quickly as possible.

    I'm hoping Brooklyn and NY are busts, and that Chicago, Atlanta, Philly and Milwaukee all perform below expectations, allowing the Raptors to charge into the playoffs. However, as long as there is good individual player development and development of team chemistry, I wouldn't be devestated missing the playoffs for one more season.


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      In addition to next year being considered a "weak" draft. 2013 would be the ideal time to lose a pick.


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        Where's the optimism? We'll miss the playoffs, get ranked 13th in the draft, and then we'll win the lottery!!!


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          Lowry will stay once he is offered a raptors-type contract.
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            Matt & Calgary: Thanks for clearing that up. As Nilanka mentioned, with next year being a relatively weak one I suppose it would be the best to get it out of the way. Hopefully we can acquire another pick along the way.


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              I don't know, really all depends on the overall progress after this season. Between the uncertainty of wanting the playoffs, or wanting to give away that bad pick for insurance.

              I would rather make the playoffs, because that's every team's goal. A chance at a championship. Even though that is highly unrealistic for the Raptors, at the end of the day, it's basketball, playing to win the at the top.
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                i think the 30th pick in 2018 is the best deal

                lets put lowry on layaway and make draft day deals until then
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