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    Landry Fields along with Demar Derozan led a shooting clinic this afternoon... *chuckles*


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      FoxMachine wrote: View Post
      Landry Fields along with Demar Derozan led a shooting clinic this afternoon... *chuckles*
      Came to post this, Fields is sabotaging Toronto's future basketball players.


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        Raptorsnz wrote: View Post
        Came to post this, Fields is sabotaging Toronto's future basketball players.
        Those who can do, those who can't teach Raptor shooting clinics.


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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          I am probably talking craziness here but bear with me....

          Fields shot is atrocious this year.... understandably so.

          I think this season is a complete write off.

          I am not sure if he will return to his rookie form but I don't think he is nearly as bad as he has been this year and I think he is better than what last year showed. Somewhere between year 1 and year 2 is what I would expect. Personally, I don't think this is unreasonable.

          In looking at his injury, this is something that can happen over a long time frame before it is recognized - and in this case it appears to be the case. If any of what I am about to write is bogus, then someone please correct me.

          I've had knee issues. When seeing an orthopedic surgeon, he explained a big part of my problem is that my quads essentially shut themselves off on my right side. This was the bodies natural response in an effort to protect itself: stop using the muscle which is connected to the joint with damage. When he said this, suddenly I noticed my left quad was much, much larger than the right. In reality this is exactly what you don't want to happen though because in shutting down the muscle, more stress is placed on the joint. I guess evolution is not perfect after all.

          So back to Fields. If this was a condition that had been ongoing since his 2nd year culminating in the appearance of the 'claw' in November, it would explain the lowered shooting percentages. His arm, his shooting arm at that, was getting weaker and weaker as time went along. To compensate he changed his mechanics trying to get the ball in the hole. Needless to say all this is going to wreak havoc with his confidence and 'internal wiring'.

          Quick look at his rookie year and it is pretty clear he does not have the same mechanics as right now:

          I think he is likely to be a write off for the rest of this year but look forward to what he brings next season after a summer of hoisting hundreds of jumpers daily.... at least I hope that is what he does.
          Very nice analysis of Landry Fields and his injury! I agree that his season should be a write off. According to realgm, his contract did also play factor in his disappointing start to the season. Early on, he felt the need to prove to everyone that he was worth that contract and the pressure affected his game. But after the injury, he seems more composed and finding his role in the team. I hope he continues playing well. If he can continue rebounding well and get some more confidence in his shot, I can't see how he can't average 10-11 points and 8 rebounds. If he can do that and continue playing good defense, I'm not as bothered with his contract anymore

          On an in related note, do you think Fields has ever rubbed it to Amir for that over-the-back dunk on him? xD


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            His shot has been atrocious, but the form is being re-constructed, and the form looks solid when he goes to the free-throw line.

            Surprised no one is mentioning the actual positives of him since returning. (Energy, rebounding, defense, slashing.)
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