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Who deserves to be the starting SF for now? (POLL)

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  • Who deserves to be the starting SF for now? (POLL)

    This might be a little premature, but Landry Fields has not been particularly impressive. If I'm Coach Casey, his days as a starter are numbered. I'd honestly be tempted to try Anderson or Kleiza starting tomorrow. It seems silly to let Kleiza rot without giving him an honest shot at proving himself. The dude obviously has talent. Is he destined to become yet another player the Raps trade away and then suffer watching him excel under a different coach who understands his value?

    I'd like to see Casey try starting Kleiza. It's be an all-Euro frontcourt with an athletic all-American backcourt. Just might work.
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    You don't change the starting lineup after one game.
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      A wise man once said "1 game does a season not make."

      Casey obviously had a reason to name Fields the starter after training camp and preseason. What is the point of second guessing him after 1 game? Plus Kleize is too slow to guard Gerald Wallace, so starting him next game wouldn't be a good match-up for him.
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        If Fields doesn't improve, I wouldnt mind starting Anderson. Doube A can ball


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          Fields should still start.

          Kleiza seems to be at his best when he's chucking, (either as a primary option on his National team, or as an instant-offense type player off the bench). I can't see him excelling as a role player in the starting lineup for a club that's trying to develop a defensive identity.


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            Oh I'm confused now. Is DeRozan the SG or SF? I thought all that talk in the other thread made it sound like he's the SF (because he clearly does not have the skillset to play SG)?
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              ebrian wrote: View Post
              Oh I'm confused now. Is DeRozan the SG or SF? I thought all that talk in the other thread made it sound like he's the SF (because he clearly does not have the skillset to play SG)?
              He doesn't have the skillset to play either

              But DeRozan is our starting SG. Fields the SF.


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                i always liked the idea of having DD at SF since he can't shoot 3's anyways, and then starting Ross who'll get a chance to develop a little faster.

                its understandable you don't make a change after one game, but having 2 wings that can't shoot I REPEAT CANNOT SHOOT isn't going to get you anywhere.


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                  ceez wrote: View Post
                  but having 2 wings that can't shoot [from 3] I REPEAT CANNOT SHOOT [from 3] isn't going to get you anywhere.
                  However, having a PG and PF who can [shoot from 3] makes up for this lack of Out-side shooting, and actually provides the Wings more room in the Paint to Drive.

                  To answer the thread, no one "deserves" to start at SF.
                  Landry Fields is the Starter by Default as he appears to be the most skilled out of the Options we are given.


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                    but Landry doesn't really drive


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                      Landry still needs some time to settle in, he's getting paid the big bucks. If he doesn't work out, I'd like to see Alan Anderson given the nod. He is solid and impresses me every time I watch him.


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                        Fields without a doubt. One game is nothing. For one it's his first game of the season and most importantly, his first game as a Raptor. Let him settle down.
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                          I do think Fields is going to be much better than what he's shown us. But I still don't like how we are starting games. The consistent issue I saw with preseason was that we were giving the opposing team a big lead. Against Indy it was much closer (2 point difference) but Indy shot over 50% from the field, where as Toronto was shooting around 35%.

                          I like the idea of bringing in a guy that can shoot (or has shown that he can shoot at least last year) and play defense. I say go with Anderson, but give Fields more overall minutes.


                          • #14
                            I chose Anderson. I don't think a change is really necessary at this point, and I could have very well voted Fields. This vote is more that if Fields keeps putting up duds, then Anderson is by far the most consistent performer on both ends of the court, and plays within himself most times. Ross is still way too green. Kleiza has done nothing to suggest he's capable of taking that spot, and will probably only get burn for matchups (coming up against the Nets he'll probably play, what with a big SF like Wallace). AS for Demar, he's going to be in the starting lineup, and I find it damn near impossible to believe Casey would start the game small. So if he always starts next to another wing, then it doesn't matter if you call him the SF or SG.


                            • #15
                              TERENCE williams any body we probably should have to waive some one but i think he is good playe to add a the sf even start