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Was 2011-12 all for naught?

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    I love Coach Casey, for he is a great coach. Proven, because he turned a talentless team into a great defensive team.

    Now, everything to do with pace and the coaching strategies/management, is absolutely correct. Fast paced, doesn't always mean a better offensive team. This team isn't built to run. Individually you've got guys that can get out on the open court (Amir, JV, Derozan, Lowry), but overall, this team is better suited with a half-court system.
    Initiate the offense through Andrea, Derozan, or guys of that inside. Get some ball movement, get some pick-and-rolls, that way, defensively we aren't in danger in terms of transitions (where we are just garbage.)

    Also, coach Casey has overrated the depth of this team. Sure, you have guys at every position that can push one another, and really all the same level of talent, how is that level of talent? I mean, as a whole, this team could win 20-25 games SORELY based on talent. Add in the defensive principles, and grind it out mentality, we are an improved club.

    Coach Casey has to realize, implementing a 9-man rotation, playing slower, and emphasizing the defense, NOT the offense, will make this team better throughout the whole duration of the game. Too much unbalanced/consistent showings. 1 great quarter, 1 shit quarter, and 2 average quarters. Or 3 solid quarters, 1 total lost quarter. It needs to be 4 GOOD quarters. We can't be a "That team is a '2nd half team' type mentality/recognition."
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      At least I can say I've had the same negativity the whole time.

      I think you guys need to give Casey more credit. It's not like he's forgotten what he has to do or how to do it in just one season.

      This team is just very young and very different from last year and it'll take time to adjust. I've always agreed that talent is better this year than last but let's not kid ourselves and think that the youth is suddenly going to transform into savvy veterans.
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        Matt, I haven't looked them up, but I suspect those percentages change a lot if you don't include the games without Lowry. Rebound % and field goal % and opp points in particular. I suspect true shooting % as well. The team, as constructed, in terms of style of play, rotations etc. is constructed incorporating Lowry. I believe that Casey and BC feel JV is capable of emerging much earlier than any of us would have expected and have elected to insert him from day one to bring his growth along a little faster. That accounts for the points in the paint % to some extent.

        Most people here was pretty satisfied in the games that include Lowry, even though two of them were loses. I think a lot changes when he comes back. I also think Casey gets a grip on the team within the next week or two.

        As you say, it's only 6 games in and has been disappointing, especially after the pre-season, but I believe that they can right the ship.


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          3 new starters is going to take time to get used to one another. The team personnel is completely different from lat year so lets wait a few games before losing our minds. Very frustrating basketball is being played but I expected a learning curve and can't see how anyone else wouldn't have.


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            1. The team seems to have lost focus of the 'pound the rock' philsophy of defense-first basketball.

            2. Too much 'me first' offense. I think this is partly because of the fast-paced 'with the flow' offense that DC has installed this season and partly due to the lack of talent on the team. I miss the days of team oriented offense with set half-court plays, when 2-4 players would touch the ball as it would swing around from one corner to the other (usually starting down low either from a post-up or dribble penetration), often ending with a corner 3 ball from Parker.

            3. Too many players playing. As easy as it would be to blame DC for going too deep into his bench, which significantly hampers the team's ability to develop on-court chemistry, I think that would be unfair. Injuries, lack of talent and inconsistent play have all forced his hand. I don't think he goes 10-12 men deep because he wants to, I think he's just trying to find the players (and combination of players) each game, who are able to give him quality minutes. Yes we are a deep team, but it's a team team of mostly 2nd unit quality players.

            4. The SF position is a glaring weakness (and one of the most obvious causes of point #3 being an issue). With the black hole at SF and the horrendous 3pt shooting from the wings, it becomes so easy for oppoents to double-team Bargnani and prevent easy drives for DeRozan & Lowry. Other teams clog the paint and force the Raptors to beat them from outside, which is definitely a weakness for this team (both starters and 2nd unit).

            I agree that it's not all 'doom and gloom' for this Raptors team. I think they need to refocus on defense and go with a more simplified team-first offense. Individual players need to step up and be held accountable, but that still won't address the lack of talent on this team. So many Toronto fans love their 'lunch pail' type hardnosed players, but then wonder why the team lacks the finesse skills required to actually win. Any good team has a balance, which is what this Raptors group is lacking. Landing a young, legitimately skilled SF would go a long way towards addressing most, if not all 4 of these problems.


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              RAPresenting wrote: View Post
              3 new starters is going to take time to get used to one another. The team personnel is completely different from lat year so lets wait a few games before losing our minds. Very frustrating basketball is being played but I expected a learning curve and can't see how anyone else wouldn't have.
              And the team was completely new last year, with a short preseason, condensed schedule, and new coach.

              The Raptors are not playing the same style of ball as last year.

              That is the point I attempted to bring up in the thread. Instead of trying to score more than the opponent, it is time to focus again on giving up less.