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Is MLSE willing to spend big money on the Raps Like they did with the JAYS today?

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    It makes sense for them to invest in the team and try to get Raps hype back up to where it was on both sides of the border in the early 2000's. The traditional source of team income, gate receipts, is becoming less and less important. You can sit at home on your couch watching hidef on your 50" tv and if you have LP or a DVR you can pause, rewind etc etc. The ability to deliver your product further and further, to reach millions of people, is where the cash is at. 18,900 people at the ACC is nice, but not as critical as it used to be. Raps have a wider market to broadcast to than most teams in the NBA, BnR have a lock on broadcasting the games and now just need a halfway decent team to drive ratings a little. Get a really good team and suddenly they are capable of jacking up media space sales prices because more and more people will be watching the games.

    The worst thing they could do is alienate the "casual fan" types who can tune into broadcasts from closer US teams and turn away from BnR owned channels by fielding shitty, dysfunctional teams.
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      The big trade the Jays made is part of a process that started about 2 yrs. ago when AA took over as GM. His plan was to stockpile prospects so they can be used when trade oportunities arise. Thus he was able to make the deal. Yes things work differently in base ball but a similar strategy can be employed with the Raps. In-fact BC is doing something similar only he didn`t start the process when he took over. He tried different things and when he ended up losing Bosh, the rebuilding started and is in process. Unlike in base ball there is no farm system in basketball but the likes of Ross, Davis and maybe even Jonas could be used as pieces to pull off a big trade in a year or two.
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