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Why are Raps fans so hard on DeMar?

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    enlightenment wrote: View Post
    How much talent does a 57th pick usually have? Well spurs dont care, they teach him to play smart and Manu Ginobili becomes indispensable!
    First off, consider that the Spurs scouting staff mastered something that it took a long time for other clubs to: scouting outside of North America. Not only in grabbing established players but in stashing picks that would develop overseas and come to the NBA once they were ready. Has nothing to do with the training staff.

    Second, your statement above assumes that Ginobli wasn't very good when he arrived, which is untrue. He was a 25 year old rookie and played well from his first season in the league onward. By his 3rd season he was a stud and just happened to also be in his athletic prime.

    If you look at the list of picks you outlined, the only one that the Spurs can really take credit for developing is Parker, and that took years.