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  • Sit in Casey's seat!

    With all these injuries, why not have a little fun? Play the Coach!

    With the AVAILABLE roster, (meaning no Lowry, Anderson, Fields) who's your starting lineup?

    ex: Calderon, Ross, Derozan, Bargnani, Valanciunas.

    Who is the CONSISTENT 9-man rotation?

    ex: Calderon, Ross, Derozan, Bargnani, Valanciunas, Lucas, Kleiza, Ed, Amir.

    Who is the #1 option offensively? Why?

    ex: Derozan, because he's feeling it.

    If you could make one change to Coach Casey's coaching this year so far, what would it be?

    ex: Rotations.

    Have fun with it! Give us your opinions on what YOU would do to help the team win.
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    Jose/Ross/DD/AB/Amir — only because Andrea on the bench might fracture him even more, this is obviously an all time awful defensive first 5 unless they start really playing the lanes but with ABs horrible help the post may be left wiiiiiiiiide open

    JL/DM/LK/ED/JV —some solid glass work by a young front line but only 2 real streaky scorers, I think the bench needs a veteran defensive anchor like DM, however if any of Ross, AB or DD are cold to start DM or JV get brought in to slow it down

    Depending on matchups and production on any given night JL, Ross, DM and ED may see very few minutes. I think unitl KLow gets back it should be DD/AB/JC/AJ/JV/LK/TR/ED/JL3 in order of minutes.

    DD has to be the number one option for what it's worth as his game can disappear entirely if he's not fed. Andrea can work off of DD's initial post work.

    One change to Casey? Force feed JV on the hard roll constantly. He may foul out and rack up TOs but he may also score in bunches and earn all kinds of and ones.
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      1. Starting 5; PG - Calderon, SG - Derozan, SF - McGuire, PF - Bargnani, C - Valanciunas

      2. Rotation; McGuire and Bargnani get the quick hook (6 minutes in) --> Ross and Ed replace; Amir for Jonas with 3-4 minutes left OR whenever Jonas picks up 2nd foul; Lucas for Jose with 3-4 minutes left; leave Derozan in for the rest of 1st quarter; Bargnani subs back in start of 2nd quarter (scoring purposes) with Lucas, Ross, Kleiza and Amir; Jose subs back in @ around 8-9 minute mark and Demar back @ 7 minute mark; JV/Amir finishes depending on who is performing better; Ed/Kleiza @ 4 when Bargnani subs out with 4 minutes left unless he is not missing; McGuire in the 3 spot.

      Basically, I would reduce Andrea's minutes so that he can be effective and be a gunner when he is playing. Leaving him out with Lucas, Ross, Amir and Kleiza gives the bench 4 legitimate snipers in a given line-up, some balance between defense/offense and some veteran presence. So to answer the question, the rotation consists of Calderon, Derozan, Bargnani, Amir, Valanciunas, Davis, Ross, Kleiza and Lucas, with McGuire starting at the 3 to set defensive intensity and check opposition's best wing --> 10 man rotation

      Choosing to bench Bargnani in the last 3-4 minutes of the 2nd qtr and/or 4th qtr implies that I value defense/rebounding down the stretch.

      3. #1 option will be Demar in the post because he is our best post player and he has shown ability to make smart decisions for the most part.

      4. If I could change a few things about Coach Casey's approach, it would be mixing up the balance of having offensive and defensive challenged players on the court, not playing Aaron Gray unless there is a legitimate 7 footer in the opposition who is killing JV, playing the rooks more and go to DeRozan in the post in the 4th quarter.
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        If you could make one change to Coach Casey's coaching this year so far, what would it be?

        bargs 6th man
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          1. Jose, Demar, Mcguire, Amir, Jonas

          2. Above + Kleiza, Bargnani, Ed, Ross, Lucas - ie. 10 man unit not 9 but could change game to game

          3. Demar. But alot of Jose + JV or Amir PnRs

          4. Sitting Bargnani when he is not playing well or when he shouldn't be playing (ie. offense/defense switches). More time for JV and Ross.


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            1. Valanciunas, Bargnani, McGuire (won't get starters minutes and will be first subbed-out, for Ross), DeRozan, Calderon

            2. 5 starters + Amir, Davis, Kleiza, Ross, Lucas (Gray in certain matchups), but bulk of minutes go to Valanciunas, Bargnani, DeRozan, Calderon, Amir, Davis, Ross/Kleiza (whichever has hotter hand)

            3. Bargnani or DeRozan, depending on matchups (I prefer running offense through Bargnani more, to spread the floor, even if DeRozan winds up taking more shots)

            4. Rotations & rookie playing time (not giving Ross much playing time & not giving Valanciunas 4th quarter playing time) - sorry, but I think both issues deserve mention


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              1. Jose/Ross/Demar/Amir/Jonas
              2. Starters + Klieza (28 minutes), Ed (25 ish), Lucas (15 ish), Bargs (30 ish)
              3. Main option is Demar in the post or coming off down screens to the 17 ft jumper
              4. More minutes for Val, maintaining balance in the second unit (i.e. one dedicated scorer, either a starter remaining on the floor or Klieza being given the green light as the go-to guy)


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                Starting Lineup: Valanciunas, Bargnani, Kleiza, DeRozan, Calderon
                Other 4: Ross, Johnson, Lucas, Davis
                #1 option: Right now DeRozan. When ready, Valanciunas.
                Change to coaching: Nothing. He's fine.

                The only way to make this team win is to increase the talent level. Two ways to do this -- develop young players, and draft/trade/signings.
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                  With the AVAILABLE roster, (meaning no Lowry, Anderson, Fields) who's your starting lineup?

                  JV, Amir, DeRozan, Ross, Calderon

                  Who is the CONSISTENT 9-man rotation?

                  Starters above with Bargnani, Davis, Kleiza, Lucas

                  Who is the #1 option offensively? Why?

                  Comes down to match up.. if Bargnani is cold then DeRozan though regardless of matchup.

                  If you could make one change to Coach Casey's coaching this year so far, what would it be?

                  Don't play Bargnani in the 4th if he is cold / having a bad game.