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Do you remember your past draft preferences?

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    great idea ... although a couple of requests .. it doesnt really make sense to talk about guys taken ahead of our pick (unless, as some ppl have, you show both who you wanted if we could pick anywhere and then who you would have taken). Also .. I think some ppl are a little revisionist .. its pretty convienient that when I read these lists, they seem to be littered with the picks from those drafts that happened to be the best players...? Gay, who went 8th and Roy, who went 6th, for example, are convenient picks to say that you would have taken over AB (but werent really in the mix for the #1 pick, whereas Morrison, LA, TT were).

    Here is mine, as best I can remember with commentary
    2012 Drummond - I know he didnt "fit" .. but the obvious play seemed (and still seems) like draft and trade or worst case draft and hold. Rivers was "no way in hell" for me .. Im ok with Ross (other than we need to play him!)
    2011 Knight - In hindsight, Im glad BC made the pick and not me .. as I think JV is a better pick. [Recall consensus was Kemba or Knight at the time around here]
    2010 - I was cool with Ed .. weak draft and no one else jumped out at me .. Ed seemed like a good risk [Bledsoe seems good now .. but I wasnt thinking that at the time]
    2009 - DD
    2008 - NA
    2007 - NA
    2006 - was a real toss up at the time. I was cool with AB .. others that I liked were LA (would have been happy looking back) or Tyrus Thomas (would not have been happy in hindsight!)

    All in all .. hard for me to truthfuly say that I would have better than BC at drafting.

    His trades / FA signings might be a little different ....
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      TRex wrote: View Post
      This past draft i was really hopin Harrison Barnes would fall to us at 8th. Still pissed that we lost out on him because of a freakin coin flip. Warriors are so lucky.

      Barnes in my opinion is going to be the Rudy Gay of this draft. Just watch. Highly regarded player coming out of HS but had a horrible NCAA Tournament. Main reason why his stock dropped. But this guy has so much talent and like DeRozan his work ethic is legendary and he wants to be great.

      I made a lot of BOLD prediction in this boards, here's another one: Harrison Barnes is going to be the best player in this draft.
      Gotta say, between Bogut and Lee's freak injury problems, Monta Ellis missing most of the season right after he signed a big contract after getting in a moped crash, a history of horrendous luck in the draft lottery despite having lots of ping-pong balls, and Biedrins's mysterious decline from top-10 center to useless scrub, I wouldn't exactly call them "lucky".


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        I think one stipulation to this thread, and i think the OP intended it to be so, but is the players you'd prefer to have had to be available when we were picking. We have guys saying Kyrie and Damien Lillard. Why not pick Blake Griffin too? Or Iverson the year we got screwed out of the pick.

        ADD. Seems Mountio already beat me to it. And did a WAY better job of it too. Well played, sir.
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          2012: Beal/MKG/Barnes/Lamb/Ross/Rivers. I talked about them all at one point or another. Main thing was a wing and I think this might be a fair order of interest.
          2011: Kanter/JV/Biyombo. Main thing was a C.
          2010: George/Aminu
          2009: DeRozan
          2008: Don't remember although it hardly mattered in the end.
          2006: Bargnani
          2005: Diogu/Granger
          2004: AI