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Boston vs. Toronto: Saturday, November 17

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  • Boston vs. Toronto: Saturday, November 17

    Celtics let Rondo destroy himself......

    BOSTON -- Celtics coach Doc Rivers said point guard Rajon Rondo will return to action Saturday after sitting out Thursday's loss at Brooklyn due to a sprained right ankle.

    Rondo turned the ankle landing awkwardly on a baseline drive in the third quarter of Wednesday's win over the Utah Jazz. He sat out the final 17 minutes that night and did not play in Brooklyn.

    Team trainer Ed Lacerte gave him clearance to return against Toronto on Saturday morning.

    "I don't ever come to [the medical decision], honestly, him and Eddie walked in this morning and said they are ready," Rivers said. "So he's ready."

    Rivers said he pulled Rondo from the game when it was clear he shouldn't be on the floor.

    "Limping, not being able to perform. The eyes always tell you," Rivers said. "It's not brain surgery in that regard, especially with a guard, that makes it a lot easier. You can limp around as a big and still be effective, because you're still big. But guards are pretty easy."

    The Celtics and Raptors meet in a rare Saturday matinee at the Garden. Rivers noted that, as a coach, he's fine with the rare early tip-off, but admitted players typically hate them.

    "As a coach, I love them -- not because of the game, because it gives you a ton of time after the game to prepare for the next game," said Rivers, whose squad travels to Detroit after the game to play the Pistons on Sunday. "But as a player, I never liked them. They just come too quick. Most players are creatures of habit. And it just takes you out of your routine. I think this is our only one this year, so that's the good news."

    Back in Rivers' playing days, matinee games were hardly a rarity.

    "We had tons of them," Rivers said. "I never liked them, but we had a lot of them. You always thought -- during an afternoon game as a player -- if you're playing great, then you loved it that day. But if you're playing poorly, you thought it was very difficult to pull yourself out of it. You haven't had your normal mental preparation to get ready for a game. It felt like when you start struggling in an early game, you couldn't just pull yourself out of it."
    .... while Raptors protect Lowry from himself.

    TORONTO - The Raptors are protecting Kyle Lowry from himself.

    The point guard’s fierce, competitive nature and desire to play through pain is making his absence difficult to deal with.

    Lowry has missed the past four games and will miss at least the next four as well due to an ankle injury he aggravated earlier this month in Oklahoma City.

    The team revealed Thursday that Lowry would miss another one to two weeks and the guard admitted on Friday that he was a little bit surprised with the decision.

    “To be honest, yeah, very surprised and very shocked, but you know it’s day-by-day, we’ve got a great training staff, we’ve got guys, they want to protect me and make sure I get back to 100%, that’s the reasoning for that,” Lowry said.

    The Villanova product said his ankle is feeling much better, which is why the team needs to tell him to slow down.

    “Yeah, yeah, definitely, I definitely can say that,” Lowry said when asked whether he needed the team to step in and make sure he didn’t return too soon. Lowry said he’s not good at being patient.

    Raps could really use this win.... go Raps.

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    Love the way Lowry wants to return asap it shows a lot about his personality, but its a good idea to play it safe and make sure hes a 100% so he can help a team for alonger period of time


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      Nice take by Bargs against Garnett and Bass.


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        Demar taking Garnett off the bounce and nailing it in his eye?! Love this new found confidence.


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          And then a steal AND a charge. Love it.


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            How is that a foul on Jonas?!? He literally didn't do anything! Uuuugh!!


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              Refs are super touchy today. Two celtics fall down=two fouls on JV


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                DeMar never even looks at Val on the offensive floor. Bullshit, man.


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                  Raptor_11 wrote: View Post
                  Refs are super touchy today. Two celtics fall down=two fouls on JV
                  Rookie life... PS do you think Jose will kick Garnetts skinny fake tough guy ass today (saw your avatar)


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                    this game is over. thats gonna be the raps best quarter.


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                      Vykis wrote: View Post
                      Rookie life... PS do you think Jose will kick Garnetts skinny fake tough guy ass today (saw your avatar)
                      Well he usually comes up big against Boston. He should try to dunk on him haha


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                        wtfraps wrote: View Post
                        this game is over. thats gonna be the raps best quarter.
                        I don't like your attitude. Haha


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                          i would drop lucas right now and pick up the next pg that become available.


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                            Well this is embarrassing


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                              Klieza sucks Ass!!!