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Raptors should watch Ryan Anderson play

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  • Raptors should watch Ryan Anderson play

    Anderson in my opinion is the player that is most similar to Bargnani. Although i think Anderson is a better shooter and a better rebounder. A better player.

    The Magic last year and the Hornets this year mainly use Anderson as a spot up shooter. You would rarely see him post up, or try to beat his man off the dribble. Bargnani on the other hand is the opposite. He would spot up, you would also see him post up his guy, and sometimes create his own shot off the dribble.

    Maybe the Raptors are trying to make him do things that Bargnani is not capable of doing. His low post game suck, and whenever he tries to beat his man off the dribble seems like he always ends up turning the ball over. Newsflash Dwane and Bryan, Andrea is no Dirk Nowitzki. Accept it already. Not even close really.

    Raptors like i've been saying all the time in this forum should mainly use AB as a spot up shooter. Nothing else. Forget about the other things.
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    i disagree with your assessment of bargs. i think he is at his best when he puts the ball on the floor and weakest in a spot up one dribble move. his low post shoulder fake and fade is also probably his best move. he is brutally prone to camping just inside the 3 point line for the most inefficient shot attempt possible.

    probably isn't a 4 or 5 in the league that can stay with him if he mixes it up but his lazyness and willingness to just assume his wrist flick shot attempt after one fake and a dribble will work everytime is killing us.

    i think he is a better player than ryan anderson as well. i also think right now the bargs' hate has reached its peak. wouldn't be surprised if bc was on the phone now gauging interest in bargs. i think a bargs trade might finally get us a 3.

    i am still a fan of his but think both him and us will be better off with a change of scenery.


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      Just never run an iso play for him again. NEVER AGAIN.

      Off the swing pass, Bargnani has a really good drive and finish (and sometimes a shoot and score)
      but if his defender is set, and not in some sort of momentum, bargnani has no clue how to beat his man and resorts to these 2 moves: Fake a jumper, queue for the foul; 1-dribble jumpshot (usually not very balanced)

      Bargnani can be used in the flow of the offense, but giving him the iso is asking to disrupt offensive movement and lead to either a bad shot, or a miraculous shot. In the end 5 miraculous shots out of 14 bad shots hurts the team.
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        enlightenment wrote: View Post
        In the end 5 miraculous shots out of 14 bad shots hurts the team.
        +1 this is so so true.