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Fire Casey too? Seriously? Let's just fire the whole damn staff while we're at it!

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    I've been overly disappointed with Coach Casey this year.
    Coaching staff has been very, very disappointing. Not holding people accountable, having such a long leash, bad rotations, bad strategic decisions to play games (offensively AND defensively.) Not looking good.

    BUT. Looking at the team, people have to realize, we could easily be +.500 with how good our team plays, it's just all about being able to make plays down the stretch. Little mistakes are what costs us the game, these I like to call, correctable mistakes. Problem is, it's still being made by this team down the stretch, and that's pointed once again, at the coaching staff to help these players fix those mistakes.

    I would say this team is still on the track to be a play-off team no doubt if they continue to play hard, but coaching staff is holding back some results.
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