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We should trade Calderon right now. What could Calderon plus Bargnani get?

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    if a pau for bargs deal came up i would do that in a minute and be thankful. pau is a player, get some big to big passing down low, a player who you can put on the low block for an iso play who gets a high chance shot, can still stretch the floor and our team would have a real leader. someone who has put up with kobe for 6 years would do wonders for our kids.

    only downside is bargs would kill it beside howard and win a championship maybe this year and then the fans would be all over the team and bc and pau for being the reason we don't have a player like bargs.

    jose and bargs for morris/blake and pau if it can be done is a great trade for both teams. pau needs out of la and dantoni is helping him go.


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      KeonClark wrote: View Post
      What does the Hall of Fame have to do with the Raptors current squad? You go ahead and trade for the 32 year old, that will really help us 3-5 years down the road when we want to contend and we lost an asset for a retired player.
      If you think Bargnani is going to help us be contenders than you might as well stop watchin raptors basketball. The guy is taking us no where but the lottery. Maybe mediocrity if we're lucky. Pau Gasol would do wonders for this team, a true Vet is what we need.


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        BallaBalla wrote: View Post
        love the idea...but pau gasol is NOT the answer....simply not playing bargnani and calderon would be better
        Neither are Bargnani and Calderon. Pau is a perfect fit, we need a veteran believe it or not. He may just be that missing piece in this puzzle. He'll do wonders for Jv's development