That's the record. There's already lotto and firing Casey talk going on. Last night i was thinking about it all, and the reality is things aren't as bad as they seem. Literally, almost everything that could go wrong has. We lost our best player to injury for a bulk of the games, our (supposed) best scorer has been useless all year and there's been some serious lineup issues. You can put that on Casey, but you can also put that on BC for not having the right personnel.

- Flying V is better out the gate than i thought he'd be and he's getting better every game
- Ross seems to finally be settling down and getting confidence. He's shown real potential at both ends of the floor
- Lowry is awesome
- Amir AND Ed have stepped their game up this year
- Calderon is playing the best ball of his career
- Demar is making all of us eat our words. I couldn't be happier. He's rebounding, shooting better from 3, has handles and i swear ive seen him make some beautiful assists. He's blowing me away.

I have a feeling BC is going to be active with trades this year. And when you think about it, a player here and a player there with the subtraction of a certain someone would literally make a massive change. The determination and grit has drastically changed on the team, you see Lowry and JV's influence really taking over the team. They're only going to get nastier.

So yeah, 3-9. Could be a lot worse. I'm optimistic.