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    The fact that a veteran laden team was ready to quit on him (with the exception of Vince "Vanilla" Carter) in the playoffs is all you need to know. Dee Brown, Doug Christy weren't exactly "me first" ego guys and have reps as solid locker room presences. Butch Carter aired laundry in public, called out his own players and had an absolute mental melt down vs NYK. I have always felt his record was more a reflection of the talent on the team than of the coach, though he never failed to take the credit when things went well.

    Only coach I miss from the past is Brendan "fck Isaiah" Malone. That man knew how to coach.
    LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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      minks77 wrote: View Post
      ...Only coach I miss from the past is Brendan "fck Isaiah" Malone. That man knew how to coach.


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        BasketballCrush wrote: View Post
        Butch made it clear to management that HE had the cache to make TMac stay. In fact, he used it as a bargaining chip. That tells me, he could pull or slack on the rope when it benefited him.

        I certainly think a less ego driven coach could have been a mitigating factor in creating a cohesive environment for the two cousins to get along. That is part of good coaching, making sure that players understand their importance and value, spotting the issues before they get out of hand, knocking down egos when they get too big.

        The problem was that Butch paid more mind to his own image/position than he paid to the polarity of teammates. So much so, that he egotistically proclaimed to management that, he and he only could deliver TMac on a plate. To me that is pissing on the club and the city. Your job to begin with, was to keep a cohesive team. You should always strive to make sure players re-sign, not give the impression, that you are holding back, for strategic contract reasons.

        Think the guy is an egotistical mess and it showed when he tried to sue Camby in the playoffs. There is a reason why he never coached again.

        Mcgrady went to the Magic because it was an opportunity for him to return to his home, assume a much larger role than if he stayed in Toronto and make a lot more money while doing it.

        Nowhere in that highly speculative rambling did you explain why Carter is responsible for McGrady going to Orlando...