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Bargnina Sucks! El Mago is a All-Star.

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  • Blacklash2k4
    Bargnani's shot has gotten a bit better the last couple games. Hopefully he can keep it up...

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  • PapiJulio
    started a topic Bargnina Sucks! El Mago is a All-Star.

    Bargnina Sucks! El Mago is a All-Star.

    Yep, I think I've discovered.the problem. If only El Malgo showed up instead of Bargnani. One is a magician & the other is a enigma more puzzling then women But seriously, if El Mago consistently showed up the team could start to find an identity.

    I know this is asking a lot but the game plan is built around this happening now. The team is waiting for El Mago to take the wheel & be a leader but I think this is his last year to prove himself. If (knock on wood) Bargnani can have a full healthy season, find his rhythm & magic hands he can get rid of some of these haters... maybe make an All-Star game soon. But if things don't progress this year he'll forever be labeled as a 2nd option with the ability to go on HUGE streaks.

    He was drafted in a weak draft so it's hard to knock him for being #1. Rondo & Roy were both diamonds in the rough and one didn't pan out. LaMarcus Aldridge would be the solid argument for number 1... But who wouldn't have took the Seven Foot Italian from Rome who could bomb 3's, dribble drive, pass and hit free throws?....however Kyle Lawry was also in that draft too...just saying.