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Jonas - A Franchise Player?

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    DD isn't a franchise centre piece. Maybe a second or third option on a good team but he's just not good enough to be an elite player.

    JV needs to get stronger so he can hold his ground. When that happens he'll be the anchor for some very promising teams. You cannot play him with Bargs though. JV is too often the only raptor in a swarm of opposing bigs who are all stronger and more experienced. If he had ANYONE other than the pg helping to box out and rebound he'd be way more effective. As always the Raps will likely waste a talented young big ruining his knees and confidence by always leaving him on the short end of the mismatches with zero help. This is Bosh all over again, a talented player being asked to do far more than he's physically capable of at a point where his experience can't help him either.

    Get a vet PF (a high end worker, not just a lithe athlete) to help him and his career prospects greatly increase IMO.
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      We need a VET Big man who can show Val what real defense and positioning look like.

      Worst thing ever: Val begins taking note of Andrea to get better.
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