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Is Dwane Casey still the right coach for the Toronto Raptors?

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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Lowry can handle the ball in addition to JC and both can shoot the 3.

    JV routinely takes a reversal at the top of the key/just inside 3pt.

    Ed has added elbow jumper, JV can shoot.

    Tony Allen is their SG who can't shoot a lick outside 3inches (exaggeration, I know).

    Memphis is 5th in ppg and 4th in offensive rating.... only 2 guys who can shoot the 3.
    Whoops, sorry, I see that you wrote KL and not LK which is what I'm in agreement with having the two pg's on the floor. In cruch time I would go with AB over ED. ED is improving, but I don't think any coach in the NBA would take his elbow jumper over AB's 3 pointer (sad as it is these days). Atleast not yet. Just my opinion.


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      Yep, give him some two way talent before we write him off (still hasn't coached 82 games!)


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        The concept of this thread is madness. We get our first coach decent coach in a long time and you're calling for his head because our team sucks?

        panagnos wrote: View Post
        The 2012-2013 NBA season started with so much promise. During the preseason the Toronto Raptors went 6-1 and expectations were high due to the signing of Lowry and Fields. Valanciounas was finally here and he had also shown promise early on. Dwane Casey had a full training camp this year with a goal to install an up-tempo offence centered on Kyle Lowry.
        This only shows preseason means nothing. Why would the accidental signing of Landry Fields raise expectations? Valanciunas will continue to SHOW PROMISE this season. Keep in mind this guy has played 13 NBA games. In his life, he has played about 20-25 NBA-style games.

        panagnos wrote: View Post
        All the fan optimism that was there before the season started has now evaporated. The reality of what team the Raptors really are is evident in their current record. The winning percentage the Raptors have compiled the first 10-15 games of the season has hold true for the remainder of each campaign the past 4 seasons. If the current winning percentage (.231) holds for the rest of the season they will finish with 19 wins. Obviously this will be disastrous since they were hoping to make the playoffs this year. I believe that their winning percentage will improve to what it was last season (.348) which will result to 29 wins and 53 loses. That is a lot of losing basketball to watch for an entire season.
        The simple explanation is the optimism was unfounded. The reality is the reality. This team has talent but what is there is largely undeveloped. I still at this time have no idea why people thought this team had a chance to crack the top 8. 33 wins is where I thought we'd be at and I think it's still achievable.

        panagnos wrote: View Post
        Sometimes there is reason for optimism where a team can turn their season around but this usually happens with veteran teams that have been together for at least two seasons and not with a team that has one of the youngest rosters in the NBA.
        And yet, you just said that people were hoping to make the playoffs. Do you see how it doesn't add up? Unfounded optimism. I think this team can turn this season around, but not necessarily to the level of some of you optimistic people. I think we'll win more than 19 games, for example, but we won't eke out a playoff spot like some of you thought we would either.

        Experience is not something that you add and subtract or cancel out. It doesn't work that way. The current state of the Raptors is a rebuilding team that is still 2-3 years away from competing. If there's someone to blame, it's Bryan Colangelo. A coach can't control who is on his roster. We lack developed talent and as a result, we're losing a lot of games. Period.

        1. Who cares about bench rotation when most of your bench sucks? How do you stick with a rotation when you're trying to find capable NBA players? For God's sake we've got Dominic McGuire in our starting lineup. I'm not sure this guy should even be in the NBA, let alone starting for a team!
        2. What is 'offensive identity'? Please explain this.
        3. We can't compare the defense of this team and last year's team because so many changes have been made to the roster.
        4. This point I do tend to agree with, the combo thing makes no sense to me.
        5. I don't see any correlation with team growth and making decisions to help your team win. The only way this team wins more games is by improving the talent level or developing the younger players.

        McMillan is the only guy in this list who would even consider coaching this team, and he has a far worse record than Casey. Casey is the right man for this job. Not many can take a roster devoid of talent and make it into a playoff team. That takes a lot of luck and honestly, if you rely on miracles then you're not building a team, you're building a dream. I'd rather that we build a team that can that lasts, than get some guy to somehow motivate bad players to winning.
        your pal,


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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          Memphis is 5th in ppg and 4th in offensive rating.... only 2 guys who can shoot the 3.
          Well, there is a difference, where your bigs are able to get better shots. They space the floor well, inside the arc, and are great at big-to-big action. Something not many teams have.