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bargnani shot 10.5 % from the field

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    jimmie wrote: View Post
    Thanks, but I'm not sure how long I'll be around. The tenor here has changed. I stopped reading RealGM for a reason. I get the anger, but I don't share it. Frustration is a better word, and even then, if they're sucking to the point where it's hard to watch, I just stop watching. I guess I'm just not that big a fan... ;-)
    Dont' go we'll miss you !!!

    see I can be patronizing just like joey hesketh. haha.


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      jimmie wrote: View Post
      Now you're being a dick, too. What part of "this isn't to back Bargnani" didn't you understand? I'm not defending his poor play, I'm simply saying that HE DOESN'T CHOOSE WHERE HE PLAYS IN A HALFCOURT SET. That's it. Trying to bring a level of basketball intelligence to the equation. The playbook, and the plays that Casey/Lowry/Calderon choose to call, determine when Bargnani is posting up or picking and rolling or picking and popping, or whatever. Not Bargnani. I don't think basketball is the free-flowing creative dance you seem to think it is.

      Oh, and I guess I'm also saying people are generally trending to the panace stage right now, and it's affecting how they are discussing what's happening on the court. This place used to have a very good 'rational discussion' vs. 'rant-and-response' ratio, and now, not so much.
      Well, I think you're mixing arguments -- it someone else who was bringing up post-up plays.

      What I'm simply saying is that Bargnani, on a 2 of 19 shooting night, never thought to try to draw some contact and get to the line. He attempted a single (1) free throw. If you go into the record books, there are plenty of guys (50+) who have shot 2 of 19 in a game or worse over NBA history, but Bargnani is dead last in points scored. The reason being that every other one of those fellows who had a poor shooting night found other ways to put up points.

      I don't understand, regardless of where he's positioned, how a guy can be a focal point of the offense and not draw contact while shooting. That's really what it comes down to for me -- whether you believe it's not as free-flowing as I think it is is beside the point.
      your pal,