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I really feel bad for Jonas, DeMar and Ed today

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    CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    All Raptors fans are equal, regardless where you live. I lived in Toronto for nearly a decade, which started with the Vinsanity glory days and ended with the post-playoff meltdown that ultimately resulted in Bosh's departure. I've been a Raptors fan since day 1. I now live in a city who's sports sections (tv, radio, print) barely include the Raptors, if at all. Despite that, I would argue that I am just as much of a dedicated, passionate, die-hard Raptors fan as any on this site. Don't imply that I'm not as strong a fan, simply because I don't live in Toronto [anymore], that's just ignorant.
    I don't disagree with your point, but perhaps special1 was speaking more about cheering for Toronto teams, as opposed to actually living in the city. I mean let's face it, every team this city fields (in any sport) stinks like kakka. That frustration must spill from one league to the other.


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      Soft Euro wrote: View Post
      If you are of the opinion that people are entitled to their opinion, your probably don't mind that I think some people shouldn't react the way they do. After all, I'm entitled to that opinion. And btw, I'm not talking about people being upset or pissed off, just talking about the ones that go over the edge.
      did you even read my post dude? I said you disliking their reaction is fine. You are definitely entitled to that opinion.

      Im sorry if you dislike people going over the edge, but maybe you should grow a thicker skin? Or at least realize different people have varying levels of passion for this club.

      anyways stop borderline trolling.


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        Wow, I'm the troll