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Your biggest disappointment in Raps History?

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    i remember being ENRAGED with the vince deal and being similarly frustrated when they refused to entertain the idea of trading bosh.

    trading for JO was a bad time for me too


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      So many moments:

      VC missed J, VCs injuries or VCs quiting?

      Babcock Hoffa and the VC trade?

      Kevin O'neil?


      There's more of course but lemme cut to the chase. My most heartbreaking moment as a Raps fan was the Chris Childs mental meltdown in the waning seconds of the decisive g5 loss in the first round of the 2002 playoffs vs Motown. The squad had overcome Vinces injury, a long losing streak and rallied to make the dance. They then came back from 2 down with half a Hakeem and an indifferent Lenny Wilkins on nothing but sheer will. That squad was like one from a movie: out manned and out coached they dug deep and wore their hearts on their sleeves. In the end they lost because one of the guys most key to that resolve lost his goddamned mind.

      I think it had quite the impact on CC as well. He was a fat shadow of himself the next year in NJ and out of the league pretty quickly.
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        the last 3 years


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          The entire Colangelo era.

          I had very high hopes when he replaced Babcock. Finally, after a decade of poor management, they were finally getting a GM with a proven track record of success. Sure, he had his issues with some poor contracts but every GM does. He immediately brought in Gherardini, which seemed like an awesome hire at the time. More importantly, Colangelo seemed to recognize and embrace the challenge of getting players to Toronto. He was going to be creative. Innovative. They had a budding all-star in Bosh, a #1 overall pick, and Colangelo had free rein to do whatever he wanted.

          And now, 7 seasons later, the team is no better off than it was when he got here and, in between, no playoffs series wins and 4, soon to be 5 years, out of the playoffs altogether. In fact, the last two years have combined for a worse winning percentage than the dark ages of the Babcock disaster.


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            CT2010 wrote: View Post
            are you talking about the game we lost to Chicago or the last game? the raps blew out the team, but so did Chicago to clinch.
            Ya weren't we facing the Knicks? I think we destroyed them. I remember watching the game on The Score and they kept the Chicago game on the ticker during the whole game. That was definitely a heartbreaker. Had Chicago lost the game we would've made the playoffs


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              had bosh hit a wide open layup to beat GSW we wouldve made the playoffs.

              Sonny weems was a boss on that possession, Bosh was just a bosh.
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                Norma Wick
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                  Nilanka wrote: View Post
                  Like others have mentioned, there have been a ton of disappointments over the years, but the most heartbreaking has to be Vince's missed jumper vs. Philly in the 2001 playoffs. The Raptors were that close [pinching fingers] to a remarkable run....also known as getting stomped in the finals by LA.

                  Following that shot was the beginning of the end for Vince in Raptorland, and the franchise has yet to recover over a decade later (and counting).
                  Absolutely agree. The drafting of Damon Stoudamire and that missed VC shot are the only Raptors moments that I clearly remember exactly where I was for them. One was the beginning of the Raptors, the other was the biggest heartbreak.

                  However, I think my biggest disappointment was the entire Rob Babcock era. It started with him drafting Hoffa (@ #8) ahead of Iguodala in the 2004 draft, peaked with the absolutely dreadful VC trade during the 2004-05 season, which was followed by the drafting of Villanueva (@ #7) & Graham (@ #16) in the 1st round of the 2005 draft (ahead of guys like Granger).

                  To think that all those terrible moves happened within 2 seasons! The 2004 draft, trading away a superstar and the 2005 draft could/should have drastically changed the long-term outlook of the Toronto Raptors franchise for the better... instead, it was a 2-year clusterfuck, from which the franchise/fanbase has never fully recovered.


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                    CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
                    instead, it was a 2-year clusterfuck, from which the franchise/fanbase has never fully recovered.
                    So just what will it take to fully recover. How far do we have to go? Like, 2 years in a row of making the playoffs? One conference finals? Will that make it all worth it? I know we are not going to make the finals anytime soon so Conference will be good enough for me. Even if we don't win as long as it's close I'm good for now.


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                      lets just say we were fucked from the start.
                      we didnt get iverson