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    ibzilla wrote: View Post
    Time to clear house and start from scratch (keep JV).
    We did. This is the team we have. Bloggers like Andy Phillips like to complain about our below average wing rotation but offer little concrete solutions. His article is narrow minded and pointless. Athletic wings that can create their own shot are a rare breed and are only moved under special circumstances. Like OKC having to move Harden because of Tax related issues. Raptors management have been trying to fill that void since VC left. Don't you think if it was that easy they would have done it. Unless we get lucky and Kevin Durant's clone drops in from the sky, we're left cheering for the flawed team that we have.

    One last point. There is no indication that Colangelo will be fired even if the Raptors miss the playoffs. I wouldn't resign him. He had his run. But I have no idea how large corporations think. Wasting energy on bemoaning the fact that he still runs the team or that he hasn't traded Bargani is pointless.

    My wish list for the Raptors is 1) Win tonight's game in Houston 2) Just fight for a goddamn playoff stop, I want to cheer for something concrete 3) Win another playoff series one day, it doesn't have to be this year - One Day


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      Finally a couple of people recognizing the value of that "article", and I use the term lightly! I don't want to touch whatever minor differences I have with the odd detail, so kudos to:
      Hugmenot & Michael G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Who the fk is this Andy Phillips anyway? He writes like a disgruntled fan, not an informed professional journalist. Jose immune? Excuse me, but even fans know he was traded once and has been rumoured on the block more. Ross low ceiling? Really, what's his expertise and knowledge to declare this? The fool is going to eat those words. Shit, a month ago he was writing how Lowry and Bargnani are going to be a good 1-2 offensive punch, but after 13 games of the worse schedule in the league (anybody else have 2 x 4 games in 5 nights with majority on the road?), and some heart breaking losses, it's this kind of sensationalist garbage?

      He could have taken that piece, pretty much word for word, from here, so I guess he accomplished his goal to get more readers, lol.


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        sleepz wrote: View Post
        Those are all fair points and they might indeed be "better" than their record indicates.

        For some reason i just don't get that feeling though. Last year I looked at the roster and I coudln't believe how they were competing and winning games here and there. I never thought they were one of the worst teams last year, even though at the start of that season I thought they were top 3 lottery for sure. They ended up battling on the defensive end and won some games they probably shouldn't have.

        This year however, they are losing to Pistons, Bobcats, etc who are teams I had already assumed they had passed in this stage of the game in team development. One game is one game so I shouldn't overanalyze it but it feels like these other teams wised up and started to defend and Raps have taken a step back with new emphasis on offence and fading in 4th quarters.

        I will be patient and observe until the end of the year but I am not pleased with what I'm seeing on the court. It seems more like a mess, than a work in progress.
        i don't get why losing to teams that are on the same relative level - charl., det, etc. - is cause to hang their heads. yes, those are the games they 'have' to win, but it's not as though they aren't showing up, or competing, they just aren't putting together complete games...which should be entirely expected considering all the things i noted about (incorporating new players, injuries, and general shitiness from the 'best' (offensive) player on the team).

        so, we can focus on the record, or we can focus on the fact that despite the above factors, and what most seem to agree has been questionable officiating, they've hung tough against teams that are in a higher class than them. i'm normally a total pessimist, but i can't get too worked up over the first 14 games.
        TRUE LOVE - Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar.


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          Hmm... I wonder if Andy Phillips still thinks that Ross is unprepared for the NBA, or whatever nonsense thing he said. I can't be bothered to go back to look at the article. Ross showed all the attributes last night that the Raptors said he possessed when they drafted him.