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Raptors should post up DeRozan more

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  • Raptors should post up DeRozan more

    @HPbasketball HOLY CRAP DeRozan is 88th percentile in post-ups. All players. Wow.

    @HPbasketball To put this in comparison, Melo's got a 1.026 PPP in the post via Synergy. DeRozan has a 1.020.

    That means, DeRozan's post up game is elite.

    So why not post him up more? like make him the #1 option on offence.

    Instead of the very predictable Raptors pick and rolls with Bargnani or Amir or Lowry going one on one and jacking up long 3's.
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    Thing is, on some nights he will be guarded by dudes like Iggy. He can't post up on guys like that


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      Yea, he typically posts up smaller guys, which is probably why those stats are bloated a bit


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        derozan goes into the post every game, and he does it alot. i dont know how you could ask for MORE than what he already does.


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          I've watched every game and there are definately some games where I felt like Derozan could post up more. He seems to do well when matched up on a smaller guard.

          However, I do think that as he does it more, teams will start to defend against it even more. I always thought Bargnani was great in post-ups. Until teams figured that they could double team him and he would turn it over...


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            Doh, the other team has something to do with what you're able to do, thus PnR being the most used play in the NBA, instead of posting up one guy all the time.


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              He is NOT an elite post up player. He takes advantage of smaller defenders and posts them up but when dudes are his size or bigger he can't get much done against them.


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                NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
                Thing is, on some nights he will be guarded by dudes like Iggy. He can't post up on guys like that
                Very good point...also noticed he is very timid against elite defenders which irks me. he needs to show more aggressiveness and tenacity to be great which I think he lacks ....He needs that killer instinct a kobe or a wade who are relentless
                there is times where plays are called for him where he shows no effort to get open or beat his man to the spot.
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                  As much as he is being guarded by guys like Iguodala, Sefolosha, Allen. No matter who the defender, he's had success in the low-post, just not much success trying to actually penetrate towards the basket.

                  I really do believe he is an elite post-up player, sad thing is, everything else he does is just barely better than decent. His post-game has been quite effective this year, especially when the team is running to try and get him those shots. Ever since Lowry came back into the lineup, Derozan hasn't been quite initiated in the offense as much as the season started. IF the team wants to be successful, trying to get Derozan on the low block early would be key, especially because he is our best back-down player right now.

                  I agree with the above posters, when he plays against elite defenders, he looks timid, and tries to take long 2's or penetrate, thus straying from the low block more and more. This goes both ways, to Derozan himself, and the floor generals (Coaches, Lowry and Calderon.)