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When do you think AB will be gone ?

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    I think the only reason Bargnani hasn't been traded yet is because LA is unwilling. Colangelo can't afford to wait until the deadline to "asses" the team first. His job next season is literally on the line. If he waits until February, the season will already by in the toilet (if it isn't already). Colangelo needs to make a move fast, and I'm sure he knows this. But the problem is that nobody wants what he's selling.

    As Raptor fans, the best we can do is hope for more Laker losses, and pray they get desperate.


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      I voted whole season. and if there was an option for "never", id probably vote for that instead. I hope i'm wrong.

      All indications point to Bargnani going nowhere. If BC is worried about his job, he wouldve traded Bargnani 3 years ago. BC's never worried about his job. I think we all forget that he is not just the GM, he is the president of the organization as well. He has more pull than what we are all thinking.

      I think its been fairly obvious that the organization regards Bargnani as the Raptors' franchise player, and thats where i think the problem is. They probably want more in return than what Bargnani's real value is.