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So Tonights game vs the Nets

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  • NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
    Give them all a joint so they can get high and forget about how bad the raptors are.
    THIS, haha
    Official Pope of the Raptors sponsored by MLSE.


    • Some observations from the game:

      - People don't show up to games on time anymore. I have no idea how many tickets they sold to this game but it look liked about 1/4 filled by tip-off. It was much better by the 2nd quarter.

      - I hate the loud music at these games. The intro was terrible. Why use the song "Give It Away" by RHCP? Foreshadowing the game? Cuz they sure did give it away, in the 3rd quarter.

      - Brooklyn Nets are pretenders.. they have no front court. Come playoff time they're gonna suck. Also, they're very sloppy.

      - Things were going well for the Raptors in the first half, and then either Brooklyn made adjustments in the 3rd quarter, or the Raptors went to hide. Either way they were going inside to Jonas and Ed in the first half and it was working great, and then in the 3rd they just stopped. Completely stopped.

      - I was joking with a friend about what Avery Johnson was telling his team at halftime. "These guys have 4 wins. Come on now." would probably have sufficed.

      - Pietrus was terrible.

      - Deron Williams has mad, mad ball skills. Just sick. I think the guy is a dick and I hate him for being the cause of Jerry Sloan's retirement, but I would trade the whole team for him in a heartbeat.

      - I'm sure you saw those dunks by Terrence Ross. He's not exactly the most creative dunker but man, they were pretty awesome. The ferocity alone is worth watching.

      - I don't know what the cheerleaders are doing/eating but they have 'grown'. They have larger, um, 'fronts' than I remember. Okay, I'll just say it -- their boobies are bigger than they used to be. Also, the asian cheerleader. I dunno.. this seems odd to me. She's pretty, but up growing I don't recall any asian parent of any one I knew that would allow their daughter to do this. She should working at a library, or volunteering at the hospital. THat's what all the asian girls were doing when I was growing up..

      - Aaron Gray has butter fingers and makes me angry, but not as angry as why he's even out there. Jonas playing with 5 fouls is still better than Aaron Gray.

      - I just wanted to remind you guys that Golden State, who narrowly beat us on a coin flip to get a better draft pick than us is 15-7 this year. They just beat Miami last night. They are 5-0 on their current road trip. We just went 0-5 on ours.

      - DeMar Derozan sucked.

      - Sometimes I read about how we came really close in a game and then blew it later on. I never got the sense in this game that we were going to win, even after we'd opened it up to an 11 point lead. The Nets just seemed like they were, honestly, toying with us. They're not even that good a team to be talking about toying, but I got the sense that they just wanted to make sure they could stay within.. oh, 10-15 points because that's pretty easy to break down when you have good 3 point shooters against a team that can't defend the perimeter due to too much helping. And that's exactly what happened. It wasn't that we played good D (although it was decent), but that they were just being lazy. I think Joe and Deron had like a combined 10 points by the half.
      your pal,


      • Funny how when you put Jonas with Davis out there all the defensive problems Jonas was causing by himself seem to miraculously straighten themselves out. Ed Davis must be the second coming of Bill Walton....


        • slaw wrote: View Post
          Funny how when you put Jonas with Davis out there all the defensive problems Jonas was causing by himself seem to miraculously straighten themselves out. Ed Davis must be the second coming of Bill Walton....
          But then again, Reggie Evans and Andray Blatche are probably the easiest front court the raps have played this season


          • matt wrote: View Post
            Call me crazy, but I think this team could pull out 5 or 6 wins on the remaining 9 games this year. Of course that's assuming they figured out how to play the last 5 minutes of a game.

            Other than tonight and their trip to San Antonio later on this month, every other game is "winnable".
            Predicted this winning streak before it happened. #Boss.


            • matt wrote: View Post
              Predicted this winning streak before it happened. #Boss.