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Raptors record (4 18) and Why, What can be done to fix the current situation?

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  • Raptors record (4 18) and Why, What can be done to fix the current situation?

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    2 simple things




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      Honestly, I think the manner in which the Raptors had those close losses hurt more than the roster did. It wasn't just that they were close losses that the Raptors could have won. It was the collapses that caused it plus the frequency of the close losses. I think thats probably more damaging then just losing normally (as at least then, its easier to figure out where you're problems came from).

      The other, Bargnani. He should have been traded a long time ago. He doesn't fit with the Raptors and the treatment he recieves from the higher ups + coach is just damaging to the other players. He should have been traded last season when his stock was up and we were developing that defensive mentality. The team was playing well defensively and Bargnani's a defensive liability. It really should have happened in the offseason. I don't even think he's a bad player, he just doesn't fit with where Toronto should be going. Its even more glaring when so many basketball analysts point to Bargnani to be either traded or amnestied as helping Toronto. Seriously, I didn't even know so many paid attention to Toronto.

      Another thing, Casey. I actually think he's a good coach. He's just not a good offensive one. He needs either an offensively good assistant coach, or to be bumped down to assistant coach himself.

      I don't think firing BC would help the current position...but I do think it sure would help any future one.
      "My biggest concern as a coach is to not confuse winning with progress." - Steve Kerr
      "If it's unacceptable in defeat, it's unacceptable in victory." - Jeff Van Gundy


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        Bring in a creative, forward thinking GM. Let him do what he's got to do.