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    All I'm saying is David Stern goes where the money is. Imagine the hype Wiggins will bring if he ends up in Toronto.

    -- Charles Barkley


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      There are roughly three ways to assemble a championship caliber team in the NBA, where one or two players can so easily dictate the course of a franchise. The first -- be a free agent destination for superstars -- isn't really open to the Raptors and won't be at least until they establish themselves as a place where championships are won.

      The second is kind of what the Raptors have been attempting to do: add some decent, if not transcendent talent in the draft (Jonas Valancuinas, Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan); layer in some quality veterans (Kyle Lowry) and hope that over time and with the right added pieces a solid playoff team emerges. Call it the Indiana Pacers or Milwaukee Bucks approach. It's not easy and requires its share of luck too.

      The last is a complete high-wire act. It might get you across that canyon, but it might send a franchise tumbling. The third option is the 'draft basketball Jesus' approach.
      Can't believe that missed another way to assemble a championship team, which is to stockpile good young talent & draft picks, while clearing cap space and then use those assets to trade for stars. The Celtics did that to acquire Garnett and Allen. Houston just did that recently to acquire Harden. Philly used that strategy + AI to facilitate the Bynum / Howard trade. The Blue Jays are a good example of that strategy being used in MLB. Anthopolous has been stockpiling young talent for years, and is now cashing in potential for established stars, in a big way.