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    I still think 86 is pretty bad. 1 out of every 8 times your team plays Jose isn't playing. And that trend over 7 years is what makes him injury prone.
    I agree, he's missed nearly a whole season of game-play if you count it all up. 81 games missed! Imagine having Calderon in some possibly key games, would things be different?

    Plus, I don't understand the "With Calderon, look where this franchise has gone?" Well, he's surely an impact player at the point position, but overall, it's a team game. You can't load overall, organizational losing on one player. Now, you can say the same thing about Bargnani, but Bargnani is a talented player, who no doubt could easily have the most impact on any game, on any given night. BUT, the difference is, he doesn't care. He just doesn't do what he's asked, and that's the difference.

    Jose is one of the hardest working, most professional athletes in pro-sports. This guy has an impact on a game, no doubt, but you can't put a loss on him because it's a team game. I say #tradeBargnani because he's a player that shows no commitment to give 100% effort all the time, whilst Calderon gives it to you. He makes mistakes, but he makes mistakes at 100% effort. That's really all you can ask. Jose is a shit defender, everyone can attest to that, but you could certainly tell he tries his best to keep his man in front.
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