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    Just noticed at 8:05 this morning that "There are currently 386 users browsing this forum. (29 members & 357 guests)." That seems like a healthy level of interest the morning after a day without a game. Any way to see a chart of visitors, or how the numbers move up or down over time? Just wondered about activity on the forum now as opposed to earlier in the year, last year etc.

    I wonder if this is a "just got to work, time to check up on the Raps" spike in activity. Raptors Republic could be seriously undermining Canadian workers productivity.

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    Only way to see those numbers are via the admin panel here. I can take a look and show some figures. They're only measured daily though. Not time specific like hourly.


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      was prob. people still in shock that there still here! after all the world was supposed to end right! they were prob on here to see if the raps were NBA champs (since if they were we'd have to be dead right?) going to be alot of angry loan sharks & last minute christmas shoppers from here on out LOL