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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Another team cannot offer a 5 year contract.

    Colangelo took a huge risk in signing DeMar to the contract he did when the worst case scenario was possibly another $1.5M per season. The odds of a team offering him $11M were just as good as a team offering him $8M or less. Either way the Raptors still had the right to match.
    I did not know that another team cannot offer him a 5yr. contract. Now that I know I guess my opinion changes slightly. Hypothetically, if a team offered say a 45mil. contract and Raps. are in a position to either match or sign and trade(or not) and have the flexibility as opposed to what they've already done. I guess the only thing they can do now is trade Demar to fulfill a need but they'll be limited in their options. You're right Matt. They should have waited.
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