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Sam Mitchell blasts Bargnani, praises Calderon

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    Did he blast BC during that interview at all?


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      Lets get real

      I think its time raptor fans get real. We will not get good talent for andrea unless we give up someone like Ross or Ed Davis with him. Andrea can score but he`s a terrible help defender, rebounder and not a really a good passer.

      If i was BC i would be on the phone with Minny regarding the availability of Derrick Williams. We would essentially be swapping former #1 and #2 picks. We may need to take back salary, but i think its our best chance to get back young and potential talent.

      If you were a GM would you give up anything of value for Andrea? He makes 10 million for each of the next 2 years.

      Get real!


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        special1 wrote: View Post
        ...If you were a GM would you give up anything of value for Andrea? He makes 10 million for each of the next 2 years.

        Get real!
        Always a wonder to me how Raptor fans realize Bargs is no good, but expect GM's of professional basketball teams to have not noticed. If you really want to see Bargs gone, expect to get nothing for him (which won't happen unless another teams has a ton of cap space or some other way of being financially flexible, or else be prepared to take something equally as bad back.


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          anybody have the link?


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            Stat was on the screen:

            Raps are 4-17 with Bargnani,
            5-2 without him.
            Opponents average 103ppg with him, 92ppg without him.

            Mitchell (my summary):

            "Bargnani has been handled with kid gloves. You're not supposed to criticize him, and you're not allowed to push him. And this is what you've got: after years in the league, he's a 7 foot 3point-shooting trailer. He hasn't improved defensively and he hasn't improved rebounding."

            "Bargnani is the face of the franchise and he ripped them, saying his team isn't very good. And what happens when he gets injured? They win without him. How is he going to come back into that locker room after this and not look in the mirror? For a start, he needs to start doing the little things -- if he's the face of the franchise, he needs to take responsibility when his man scores, when his team loses, and for once be accountable."

            On Calderon:

            "Jose Calderon is a leader, and his teammates will follow him anywhere. They've been trying to get rid of him for years and focusing on what he can't do rather than what he can do. He sets up guys, takes care of the basketball and his teammates love him because he has always made them look great. If they decide to trade him now that he's in the last year of his contract, he can elevate a team to a whole new level."
            your pal,


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              RapRepRip wrote: View Post
              The first thing the raps need to do is to show that Bargnani is happy coming off the bench. Then he can be traded as a bench player. No one is going to want to go through that effort, or it results in lesser value.
              You are right . AB should come off bench.