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Raps have longest win streak in East. Lets enjoy.

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    As a person who enjoys watching raptors basketball, the last 5 games have meant a lot to me. They have been fun. It was nice to see Ross show some flash, nice to see Jose's tripple double, nice to see Anderson's heart.

    ...then you have markets that do not have an NBA team, and they cant even enjoy a bit of that home town pride.
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      Pele wrote: View Post
      ...Interesting, when Magic Johnson was asked about the Clippers win streak yesterday, he answered to the effect that teams make their mark in the playoffs. The season becomes meaningless....
      This is the kind of basketball cliche that drives me nuts. Of course the season has meaning. It is where teams get a chance to put into effect what they have been learning in play as a team, to polish their offensive schemes, where players can try out the skills they have been working on, where coaches can test putting the ball into play against particular defences...! Only one team wins it all each year. Does that mean all the other games played are meaningless? What complete bullshit. Just a lazy response from someone who should know better.


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        As an addendum, Magic never played during his playing career like the regular season was meaningless. I bet if you asked him before any of the 82 games whether they were meaningless or not he'd have looked at you like you had a horn growing out of your forehead (apologies to anyone with a horn growing out of their forehead)..