Rank the top 5 Raps that you think are part of the solution going forward.

1. Jonas Valanciunas
2. Terrence Ross
3. DeMar DeRozan
4. Kyle Lowry
5. Ed Davis

JV and T-Ross to me are pretty much close to untradeable when it comes to the Raps. These two have so much talent, so much potential that i wouldn't even think of moving them unless the Raps would get an absolute stud in return. They're that talented. Can't say enough good things about those two.

DeRozan on the other hand i think still has a chance to be a good one(because of his work ethic). But normally you see what kind of player a player would be like in their 3rd/4th year. And i think what you see from DD right now is what you get.

By the way, i like to put Amir on that list as well(love his energy and effort) but if i have to choose between Amir and Ed. I'd pick Ed.