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By the end of January we could be knocking on close to 500 basketball

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  • By the end of January we could be knocking on close to 500 basketball

    Vs Portland @ home = WIN

    Vs Sacramento @ home = WIN

    Vs OKC @ home = LOSS

    Vs Philadelphia @ home = WIN

    Vs Milwaukee @ home = WIN

    Vs Brooklyn @ away = WIN (due to recent coaching change could go either way as the team finds itself)

    Vs Chicago @ home = WIN

    Vs Lakers @ home = WIN

    Vs Miami @ Miami = LOSS

    Vs Orlando @ Orlando = WIN

    Vs Cleveland @ home = WIN

    Vs Golden State @ home = WIN

    Vs Atlanta @ Atlanta = LOSS

    OPTIMIST record 10 - 3

    REALIST record 8 - 5

    BARGNANI STARTS - 0 - 13
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    I love the optimism but I think a more realistic stretch is 4-10. Portland destroyed us, lal will beat us, GSW are playing good offence and defense, chitown is playing really great without drose, and Philly/Milwaukee are both better. This team has shown an ability to beat bad teams but not good ones yet.
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      i'll go with 5-5 here with losses to OKC, Chicago, Miami, LAL, MIL


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        You're saying 7-1 the next eight and I agree possible, though not probable but if they did that means they are on a 14-2 run. That kind of run would accelerate their confidence and let this team first, extra pass, defense oriented approach really grow legs and make a .500 year possible. Though not probable.


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          If we beat portland, I'd say we have a chance at winning a lot of games afterword. Basketball is very much a mental game and a game of momentum, and I think a win over a team that torched us before would do a lot for us. I think we could be 0.500 by the end of the year, but I don't see us doing better than 5-5 over this coming stretch.
          "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."



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            Trying to depict the record over the next 14 games is a little much. Too many variables (injuries, back-to-backs etc.). Though the optimism is great, this is why a few losses rattle our cages so much. Expectations. If they continue to play the way they're playing as of late, they have a good chance to win games. To predict the outcome of a game against Atlanta a month from now isn't realistic.
            There's math, and everything else is debatable.



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              That's definitely optimistic, but teams like GS, Brooklyn, Chicago, Lakers, Portland, Philly and Milwaukee are all going to be tough games.
              After that brutal road trip, the raps have faced teams with a combined record of 89-129 (0.408), which only two were above .500 (one of which was San Antonio, which bumped up that percentage significantly). For the month of January, they play teams with a combined record 203-214 (0.487), with 8 / 14 teams playing .500 ball or better.