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Hollinger Rankings - Jan 1

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  • Hollinger Rankings - Jan 1

    Normally when I check the Hollinger rankings on ESPN I immediately click the 16-30 link and jump to the second page to see where the Raps rank. I was pleasantly surprised when I couldn't find them there today. For the first time in I can't remember when, the Raps are in the top 15 (#15). Not sure how long it's going to last but it's a great way to start 2013. Happy New Year!

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    That's crazy, I thought Hollinger hated us.

    (he is making me think he actually watches the games)


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      The rankings are based on a formula he produced, unlike Stein where it is a personal judgement based ranking. His opinion on the teams are irrelevant.
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        Hollinger rankings are still subject to some bias, though not personal. The Raps clearly wouldn't be so high if things like...really almost everything after record, overall strength of schedule, and overall margin could favor a team playing well in the now. They can still basically mimic what would be personal bias in Stein's rankings, at least a bit by statistically overemphasizing recent play, whereas Stein mostly just subjectively does the same.


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          I like Hollinger. Seems to have warmed up to Toronto a little bit, haha.

          +1 to Hollinger vs Stein, I'd take Hollinger's picks any day over Stein's.


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            Whatever his methodology is for ranking the Rap's so high, I'm happy to see it. Lets just all sip our coffee this morning knowing that fans of teams 16 and down woke up to see our Raptors ahead of their teams and are cursing Hollinger for it


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              The reason why hollinger's power rankings are useful is because they focus on strength if schedule and the margin of victory/defeat.

              I have thought that this whole year (except the games which we gave up in the middle I.e. Portland and Lac) we have played in dozens of close games where merely an extra two or three 3pointers and we would have won.

              I do think that we should be in the top 16 in the league base on how we've played because we have played well enough to win on most nights...we just didn't at the beginning of the year


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                After last nights portland win we are now ranked 12th.

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