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Mitchell had restrictions when coaching Bargnani

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    I have heard about the Mo Pete/Bargnani thing too. I just dont know how true it is. Cant remember how i heard it initially but I do remember the broadcast in which they mentioned it.


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      Yahoo writes about the smitch - bargs topic.
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        pcrombeen wrote: View Post
        Not sure that making your old GM look like a schmuck is the best way to land a new coaching gig..
        Sometimes you need to call a spade a spade.


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          If Mitchell were to score another head coaching gig he would have done it by now. He's won a COY and I've never once heard his name bandied about in any legitimate rumors about coaching vacancies. The reality is he'll probably never be a coach again.

          With comments like this though, he's providing a disservice to the Toronto Raptors because it further lowers Bargnani's trade value. While I don't doubt the truth to anything he's said, but these comments are like he's burned bridges and then decided to throw in a grenade just in case there was any chance of repairing it.
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