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    And if he shoots around his average, say like 7 or 8 makes we win the game? You can expect DeRozan to have a difficult game against this team. But as a team you can't lose the rebounding battle by more than 10 and you can't turn it over as much or more than OKC. If you do you'll lose.
    We get out rebounded every game.
    And yes if derozan shoots his 7-8 we're a lot closer. Single digit game so at least we would have a chance.
    I'm not saying we were supposed to win this game, obviously OKC is better. But when your best player shoots 25% from the field you're going to lose every single game.


    • SAC game was just a stinker all around..... they happen.

      This is another game with long, big, good defenders that make DeRozan struggle.


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