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Wages of Wins Projects Raptors #6 in East

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  • Wages of Wins Projects Raptors #6 in East

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    Well there you go! Just that simple...

    Seriously though in order for us to make it back to 500 we need other teams like Boston and Milwaukee to poorly. Because of our bad start we need some luck


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      Very interesting indeed.

      I can't see us finishing ahead of Chicago (especially with D Rose coming back) OR that Boston finishes as low as 11th.

      The Heat are getting some separation from the pack in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks have come back to the pack somewhat while Indiana and injury blessed (yes, you read that right) Toronto are making a move. The biggest x-factor here is the Raptors. If they continue to play the current lineup or a able to deal the anchor that is Andrea Bargnani they should challenge for a home playoff series in the East.
      I'll sign up for these numbers!!!

      I'd love for someone in the posting crew to do a stats piece in response to this post, because WOW. This makes me want to drink the "raps are going to make the playoffs kool aid!!!
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